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    Bags of dried parchment coffee are piled in mounds in the warehouse awaiting export, Kayanza

    Burundi Kayanza Nemba Station

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    Drying parchment covered with netting to protect from the mid-day sun, Kedamai coop

    Ethiopia Agaro Kedamai Cooperative

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    A view of Isende FBG from the other side of the hill

    Tanzania Mbeya Isende AB

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    Turning damp parchment coffee on the drying beds to facilitate even drying, Dusangirijambo

    Burundi Kayanza Dusangirijambo Coop

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    Cooperative members at the wet mill tending to the parchment drying tables

    Rwanda Nyamasheke Kanyege Station

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    Uganda Dry Process Sironko Town Lot 8

    Uganda Dry Process Sironko Town Lot 8

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    Lexania Marin at left with Luis Balladarez Jr from Beneficio Las Segovias

    Nicaragua Santa Helena Maracaturra

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    Bourbon shrub at the highest part of Cerro Verde farm, "La Abundancia"

    El Salvador Dry Process Cerro Verde Bourbon

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    Orange trees interspersed with the coffee, and where Finca El Naranjo gets its name

    El Salvador Honey Process Finca El Naranjo

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    "Welcome to Rosma", the modest sign hangs as you enter the property on the way down to the wet mill.

    Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma

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    Capturing the early morning sun shining down on the Hambela Dabaye site

    Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Shakisso Hambela Dabaye

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    The covered drying room at a process site in Sunda (West Java)

    Java Sunda Wet Hulled Mitra

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    Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend

    Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend

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