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    Removing the sticky mucilage from the recently fermented coffee with wooden paddles at this Kochore wet mill site

    Ethiopia Kochore Jet Hama

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    Heading to San Gaspar Ixchil Municipality where the village of Tuiloj resides

    Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Aldea Tuiloj

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    This flowering shrub is in a lower elevation area along the road we take up toward San Pedro Necta.

    Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Tujlate

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    Walking farms in Comayagua region in 2017, you see a lot of the broad leaf, Catimor types planted

    Honduras Comayagua Nueva Alianza

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    A handful of elongated coffee cherry at a farm in Chiapas

    Mexico Chiapas Finca Chanjul

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    Looking into the drying room, raised beds are filled with honey and wet processed coffees. She's set up a fan for air circulation when temperatures rise

    Mexico Honey Process Marsellesa -Doña Eva

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    Walking the neatly planted rows of Bourbon at a farm in Patzun

    Guatemala Cafeteros SWP Decaf

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    Jember cultivar in Toraja

    Sulawesi Organic Gunung Karua Farm

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    Jhon Alexander Bermudez, one of the producers who contributed to this high scoring lot of "Las Estrellas"

    Colombia Las Estrellas de Urrao

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    Looking down on the Joven family farm from a neighboring plot just above

    Colombia Lo Mejor de Timana

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    Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend

    Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend

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