Honduras coffee quality spans a huge range, from a lower-cost Central American blender coffee, to high-grown lots that rival good Guatemala coffees in acidity and flavor. The areas of Marcala, Copan and Santa Barbara, Ocotopeque and others can produce high quality coffees. And Honduras is one of the few countries with a capacity to grow their production, where as nations like Costa Rica and Panama are experiencing land pressure from other demands, and producing less and less coffee each harvest. Honduran coffees can range from bright, acidic flavor profiles, lightly fruited and with strong cane sugar sweetness, to more caramel-like, lower acidity coffees that are nice in espresso. Read more

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  1. A coffee picker brings coffee cherry down to the mill by mule

    Honduras Buenos Aires Community

  2. These flowers will bloom, and soon after, become coffee cherry. Comayagua.

    Honduras Comayagua Angel Vasquez

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    In order to check if fermentation is complete, they poke a stick (often a broom handle) into the fermenting coffee and if the hole that is left behind does not collapse on itself, the coffee is ready.

    Honduras Organic Santa Maria Doña Aguilar

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