Nicaraguan coffees have a wide range of flavor attributes. Some cup like Mexican coffees from Oaxaca, others have a more pronounced acidity. Some are mildly citrusy and bright, such as the coffees of Dipilto in Nueva Segovia department. The botanical cultivars utilized are traditional: Typica, some Bourbon and Maragogype dominate, along with Caturra and Pacas. There is some of the less desirable Catimor varietal, but many farms removed it after the "catimor craze" 10-20 years ago passed. Read more

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  1. Spent a particularly foggy morning at Lote El Suyatal

    Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal

  2. Depulper at Buenos Aires' wet mill not too far from the farm

    Nicaragua Dipilto Monte Libano

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