Ethiopia Agaro Qota Cooperative

Ethiopia Agaro Qota Cooperative

Farm Description

Qota cooperative is one of several coffee cooperatives new to us this past season. It's located in Agaro town, South-Western Ethiopia, not too far from Duromina, who have consistently produced some of our favorite western Ethiopian coffees. Part of the reason we haven't had access to these coffees in the past is that they were under the direction of different coffee Unions. But this year sees them under the management of Keta Muduga Union, who we are buying from for the first time, and who showed us stellar harvest samples from Qota and a few others. The Unions provide agronomical support to the coops, and also have export licenses, which up until this year, has afforded the coops access to the global market without having to go through the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange. Qota sits at nearly 2000 meters above sea level, a convenient delivery site for the surrounding highland farmers. The washing station is equipped with a disc-type depulper, and they are hoping to replace with a newer, water-conserving Penagos machine next harvest. The coffee is depulped and then fermented for a full 36 hours in one of 8 washing channels, then moved to soak in clean water, before being laid to dry on raised drying beds.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Qota has a pungency in fragrance and aroma that's like bitter-sweet orange peel cooked in a peach/dark sugar reduction. It's a potent smelling coffee, the sweet fruit notes showing at their peak in City roasts. I tasted several roasts of this coffee, and had a City roast with 24 hours rest next to one with 72 hours rest, and the differences were pretty stark. Both showed high levels of sugar browning sweetness in the cup, but the fruit notes at 3 days are so much more convincing and articulate. Stone fruit flavors come through as the cup cools, like dried, tart apricot, and peach fruit roll ups, and herbal tea accents offer a delicate touch. The latter aspect come through as green rooibos and elderflower tea. Citrus zest flavors come into focus, replete with a tart pithiness in mouthfeel. Our Full CIty roast was delicious too, big fruited sweetness matched by juicy body, and dark cacao bittersweetness rounds out the finish. Full City roasts of Qota are fantastic brewed, and also make impresive shots of single origin espresso. Expect an initial tart lemon note that quickly fades to a dark fruit soda flavor (reminds me of Dr Pepper), and rich, bittersweet chocolate syrup. Remember, best with rest!

July 2017 Arrival



Lot Size

100 x 60kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City - City+ for the brightest cups, and Full City builds juicy body, and milder acidity


Wet Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Estate; .6 d/300 grams, 15+ Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

The Qota 'crew' on an early '17 visit

Filling the washing tanks with clean water, Qota coop

Old disc type depulping machine

Ripe cherry in the surrounding hillside above the Qota cooperative

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