Espresso Workshop #35 - Arruuugas!

Espresso Workshop #35 - Arruuugas!

Farm Description

OK, so I had this "great" idea for a t-shirt while in Colombia a couple weeks back. It started after learning the Spanish word for wrinkles - "arrugas". I like a good pun, and am even more fond of bad ones. So you can imagine my pleasure in dreaming up a 70's ringer t-shirt with an iron-on of an old beat-up truck, with the caption "ARRUUUUGAS!". You get it right? The sound of the horn, but also because it's old…funny, right? Don't be surprised if you see them on your next visit to South America. There's a classic theme to this blend, but with a twist offered by fresh Africa arrivals. The base is a mix of dry-processed Brazil and a pulp-natural Tanzania, both mild acid coffees with thick sweetness and mouthfeel tied to roast level, and chocolate-laden when reaching Full City. The third ingredient is a washed Rwanda coffee, ushering in subtle fruit tones, and a bit of 'zing' that adds structure to the layers of chocolate. Being three different processes, I was surprised how even the roast turned out. You see color variation in the yellowing and beginnings of tan, but by the time you reach Full City, the roast shows pleasing uniformity. This also translates in the grinder, and I didn't have a problem with particulate size uniformity at this roast level.

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Cupping Notes

Full City is a good starting point for espresso, which is what this blend is geared towards. I brewed a clever dripper of a FC roast, and the aroma showed an intoxicating mix of raw, rustic sugars - molasses, sugar cane juice, and burned caramel. The cup had more acidity than expected, but I still wouldn't call it "bright". Flavors of apple and pear offer suggestions of malic acidity, and baking spice top notes are added to the mix. The acidity is distilled in espresso shots, bumped up a notch, and balancing out bittersweet chocolate richness, and a note of smoked paprika. As you near Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">FC+, roast tones enter the equation, giving off a smokey cocoa flavor like chipotle-laced dark cacao bar. Body is so viscous, coating the palate with layered chocolate complexity, and highlights of licorice root and fresh cedar in the aftertaste. Our first shot was pretty short, intensifying the aforementioned profile. A quick grind adjustment yielded about 4 oz in 25 seconds, and the flavors showcased had a dark bittersweetness, with a touch more 'tang' in the form of citrus rind accents.



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Full City to Full City+


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15+ screen


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