Brazil Fazenda do Sertao Lot 49

Brazil Fazenda do Sertao Lot 49

Farm Description

This is a smaller lot we selected from the Fazenda do Sertao, the farm of Nazareth Dias Pereira. It is located in Carmo de Minas, and was a farm we offered several years ago, as well as their Cup of Excellence winning lot last year. The coffee has placed 8 times in the Cup of Excellence. This coffee has consistently scored well on my cupping table in the past as well. This 235 hectare farm is situated at 1250 meters, and has a mix of varietals including Bourbon, Acaia, and Icatu. This lot is a blend of all these cultivars, not a variety-separated coffee. It is a pulp natural, but has a more rustic, natural character.

Cupping Notes

The coffee has classic Brazil toasted nut tones, in the dry fragrance showing almond-hazelnut character. The sweetness of the fragrance was perfumed and reminds me of nougat. The wet aromas have a faint fruit accent, maybe orange-like along with more toasted but and even some raw honey. Macadamia nut aromatics perfumed the break. The cup has a rooty sweetness, with a bit of cola and sassafras. There is moderate brightness, with peach tea character at City+ roast level. A technivorm brew of the City+ demonstrated heavy mouthfeel and flavors resonant with chocolate syrup and black walnut with a sweet, brown sugar finish. The cup has classic Brazil nutty roast tones in the lighter roasts levels, turning to this cola-like taste at Full City. The body is dense and thick, almost carmel-like in mouthfeel. There is a slight dryness to the finish, as well as black tea taste. The straight espresso from FC roast is very nice!



Lot Size

45 60 KG bags

Roast Recommendations

Does well with a wide range of roasts, City+ through Full City+.


Pulp Natural


Bourbon     Icatu    

Grade & Appearance

.8 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

View of Fazenda do Sertao

Parchment on the patio

Close-up of the clean pulp natural parchment


#1 quintessential Brazil notes,

quintessential Brazil notes, with cream sweetness, tobacco and spice. Layered mouthfeel, with a bit of dryness in the finish that accents the cocoa and almond notes. This is a perfect Brazil for espresso at the whole range of roasts, but with just a little bit more of a stretch between first and second crack can really help express the layered body.

#2 Layer upon layer. Just cupped

Layer upon layer. Just cupped a C+ roast of this coffee with dark fruit notes in the finish paired with a violet-like undertone. Have tried a couple shots of this SO as well as as a component in espresso and have been really happy with the broad mouthfeel and sweetness it adds through the finish.

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