Coffee Shrub

Coffee is a multi-stemmed, gangly, awkward, diminutive shrub. Coffee Shrub is dimunitive too; a micro-seller of coffee serving shops that roast. We sell green coffee in batches that equal roughly a bit less than 1/2 or 3/4 of a traditional jute bag packaged in Grain-Pro lined bags, at either 50lbs. or 100lbs. You have the convenience of thorough, descriptive reviews as a starting point for your own tasting notes and also relevant information about the farms, including images that you can use to promote the coffee. Look over our coffees and see if any of these offerings would complement your current list.

Recent Coffee Additions

Stone fruit, plum, fig, raisin, raw sugar, black tea, orange zest
Red punch, pineapple, mango, sweet berry, orange juice, fruited acidity
Honey sweet, stone fruit, white grape juice, bodied, vibrant acidity
Caramelized sugars, structured acidity, layered citrus, barley tea, complex cup
Cane juice, apple, whole clove, cinnamon stick, bodied


Ripe and Ready This is the time of year where it starts to get a little tougher to find a really stellar offering from Central America. A lot of the coffees landed months ago and depending on storage conditions, could've taken quite the...

Throwin' the Chain (10/08/14)
The back end of the roaster doesn't usually get the same amount of attention as the trier, bean temp thermocouples, cooling tray or chaff collector. Chains, belts, sprockets and grease aren't usually featured when we talk about the coffee we drink,...

1950s Probat B3 - Capable of consistency, this one sees daily use We are officially hitting the tail end of the busiest time of year for receiving samples in our cupping lab. It’s no secret that the bulk of our coffees come from Central America and...

Side by Side (09/24/14)
Danny recently roasted a washed and a dry processed coffee from the same washing station in Ethiopia and wrote a a post for the Sweet Maria's blog. After reading it, I was like, well shoot, I imagine that'd be pretty interesting to some shrub folks...

Double Diedrichs on a Dime I was so excited to get a roast of the Ethiopia Deri Kochoha from Mark Michaelson of Onyx Coffee Labs in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was a lovely roast of the coffee with so much of the honey sweetness paired with ginger...

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Hey Strangebru, glad you got a hold of Amanda, she's super awesome and I'm sure has been very helpful. You should have absolutely no problem getting any coffee into 2nd crack without any struggle, just keep in mind that you will not want to have your fan up too high as you get closer to 2nd because it will start sucking some beans up. It may be...(view)
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