Farm Description

Proyecto Xinabajul, and we're pleased to offer these newest members.Each year we find new folks in Huehuetenango to buy coffee from, and sometimes we're lucky enough to find a whole family of coffee producers. The Castillos are such a family, and this lot is made up by Edwin, Arcenio, and Cornelio in the Hoja Blanca area of Cuilco - neighbors, family members, "Familia Castillo" (that's Edwin, and Arcenio along with other brother Felino in the first picture). Hoja Blanca is rife with coffee farmers, like many of these highland regions, and it's an area we've been buying coffee from now for some time, with Finca Regalito/Famila Villatoro being one of our longest interests. These farms are situated right around 1700 meters, and Caturra and Bourbon make up the lion's share of the coffee grown in the area, but some Typica trees are also in the mix at a much lower volume. Processing is handled at home, and the coffee is patio dried, then trucked down to a dry-mill in Huehuetenango town where it is prepared for transit. We're going on 8 years for our Proyecto Xinabajul, and we're pleased to offer these newest members.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

This coffee boasts a dark sugar sweetness in middle to deeper roasting, baking spice top notes, and a pleasant nuttiness that make for a great daily cup. The dry fragrance has a honey covered almond scent, with hints of baked apple and cinnamon. The wetted crust smells a bit like baked goods, sweet pastry smells of brown sugar, and darker chocolate roast tones at Full City. The acidity does well to structure cup flavors, tying together a base comprised of dark brown sugar sweetness and cocoa bittersweetness. At City+, there are notes of pistachio and black walnut that fill out the finish along with a faint dry fruit accent, and a flavor of cinnamon-spiced cocoa powder in the long aftertaste. Full City roasting builds out the layers of cocoa bittersweetness, as well as hint at dark stone fruit, an understated prune note in the middle and finish. A versatile Guatemala in terms of both roasting and brew methods. Espresso shots of Full City roasts are teeming with dark cocoa notes that will pair well with steamed milk .

October 2017 Arrival



Lot Size

16 x 69 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+


Wet Process


Bourbon     Caturra     Typica    

Grade & Appearance

SHB; .6 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Three of the brothers from Familia Castillo

Walking the Castillo farm

A view from atop Edwin Castillo's farm, Hoja Blanca