Colombia Nariño La Union Microlot

At La Union's foundation is brown, panela, and muscovado sugary sweetness, accented by perfumed cane juice, dark raisin and candied citrus peel. Bittersweetness with darker roast development. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Caturra Types, Modern Hybrids
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region La Union, El Macal, and La Jacoba towns, Nariño
Processing Wet Process
Drying Method Raised Bed, Covered
Arrival date August 2018 Arrival
Lot size 9
Bag size 70 KG
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Typica
Grade Estate
Appearance .6 d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+
Type Farm Gate
Recommended for Espresso Yes

This microlot was constructed at an association in La Union, Nariño, a farmer-led cooperative we've bought select regional blends and microlots from the past two years. This particular lot was pieced together at their lab late Summer, and consists of five individual farm lots from the towns of La Union, El Macal, and La Jacoba. The altitude range is 1800 - 2000 meters above sea level, and the cultivars are mostly Caturra and Variedad Colombia types. The coffee association sprung out of a project idea started locally to put farming in the hands of women. They saw a real issue with domestic violence in their community, and farming afforded these women financial independence and as a result, authority within the family. The program started with a blackberry business that didn't really work out due to a fungal problem, then they moved into supplying cows in order to sell milk (which is still going), and also a coffee association that is still going strong. The association has since moved to the town of La Union where it serves a wider population of both women and men in the nearby coffee communities.

This small lot from La Union has a buttery texture to it when roasted to City+, a mouthfeel that's silky like melted butter, and helps to carry a dense mixture of unrefined sugar sweetness long into the aftertaste. City+ and Full City roasts will produce the sweetest results in our our experience, and "sweet" is what this coffee is all about. It has a relatively muted aroma in terms of flowery top notes, but the central cup characteristics of layered sugars and caramelizing sweetness are easily smelled, and tasted too. La Union's foundation is built on cup flavors of brown, panela, and muscovado sugar sweetness, and with a perfumed sugary cane juice note. Top notes have a mild affect that's most noticeable as the cup cools off some, and accents of raisiny flavors and candied citrus peel highlight the cup. Subtle tartness comes through in the lighter roasts that gives off impressions of water with orange essence. Full City surprisingly shows a bit more fruit than light roasts, that combined with a rich Scharfenberger chocolate base note, turns out a deliciously bittersweet cup that works really well in both brewed and espresso applications.