Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend

Cupping Notes

Moka Kadir is a staple on our list most of the year, and with Yemeni coffees back in stock, it makes a triumphant return. The components are normally all dry-processed African coffees, from Yemen and Ethiopia. But the latter has not yet landed and so we find ourselves trying to come up with placeholders. We have plenty of African coffees right now, and so we've made up a different version of this classic, using an AB lot from Tanzania and a Western Ethiopia coffee that shares body, and sweet fruit characteristics with many of the "cleaner" dry process Ethiopias we tend to buy. It also has a lot lower acidity than many other washed Ethiopias, working particularly well as a placeholder ingredient for this particular blend. Between the three, we find an espresso still on the exotic side, slightly less fruit-forward than the standard blend, but with a boost in sweetness. It's great as espresso in the Full City to 2nd snap territory, and though all three components are processed differently, it handles extremely well in the roaster, especially for a pre-blend of washed and dry-processed coffees (moisture equalizes a bit when pre-blending large quantities like we do). City+ will show the most variance in roast equilibrium, but ramping up heat slowly will help with this. For those who don't have that option, I recommend taking it to the outer edge of City+ minimum, and beyond. A great balance of sweet and bittersweet flavors is achieved, and top notes remain vivid. PLEASE NOTE: Because this blend has dry processed, hand sorted coffees in it, it is not unusual to get the occasional small rock. Be sure to cull through the green and the roasted carefully - one small dirt clod can really ruin a pot of coffee (and small rocks can get jammed in a grinder).



Roast Recommendations

The dry fragrance of Full City roasts has a strong rustic sweetness like date sugar, a maple note on top, along with smokey cocoa and sweet leather. It's a complex and sweet aromatic profile, a smattering of top note highlights lingering over a base of bittersweet chocolate and developed sugars. The wet aroma sticks close in-line with the aforementioned, developing complexity along the way. The cup is the culmination of all the intense aromatics, and more. Dense, thick body adds to the sense of "brooding" cup character here. Full City roasts have a grounding sweetness of thick molasses and caramel, and a smoky chocolate flavor pervades. Espresso is where this blend really shines, with an underlying rich chocolate flavor that lingers long into the finish. Dried fruit (plum and natural apricot!), and a slightly leather-like sweetness from the Yemeni ingredient peak out in profile, playing off flavors of fresh pipe tobacco and sweet cedar smoke. The mouthfeel of Full City/Full City+ roasts is very creamy, packed full of layered cocoa, and lasting bittersweetness. Overall, this version of Moka Kadir makes a nice placeholder while we wait for more dry-processed coffee, an interesting take on the standard blend, seeing a bump up in chocolate and earth tones (not to mention sweetness!). Cups best after at least 48 hours ... we like to wait even 3+ days with darker roasts.


This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.