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Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar

Onan Ganjang is a local cultivar from the Lintong area. A premium Sumatra preparation with thick, creamy mouthfeel and low acidity, rustic sweetness, malty caramel, butterscotch and chocolate, slight herbal flavors, sweet tobacco, and clove. City+ to Vienna
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region indonesia & SE Asia
Farm Gate Yes
Grade 1
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to FC+ to Vienna. FC was my favorite
Weight 1 LB
Onan Ganjang is a town and sub-district in the Lintong area, on the southern shores of the huge volcanic cratar lake, Laut Toba. Coffees from this area have a specific cup profile that is different from Aceh coffees, from the far north. The coffees here are of mixed heritage; a few Bergendal Typicas exist mixed in with the predominate Ateng catimor types. This lot represents a third type, Onan Ganjang, named for the locality where it was widely planted (also sp. Onang Ganjang), but referring to a specific cultivar. To be clear, it's not a Typica type, and it could be a local mutation crossed between Hibrido de Timor and Ateng. But the tree itself is distinctive, healthy, disease-resistant, and produces well. In the cup, the difference is subtle but clear as well; classic flavors, less herbal than other Lintong lots, balanced. This is another Blue Batak slection, which refers to the highest quality parchment coffee and best milling and sorting techniques. Lintong coffees are farmed by the Batak peoples that are the indigenous tribe that works the coffee in this area. We offer the top grade, specially- prepared Lintong coffees as Blue Batak in honor of the Toba Batak people. Blue Batak is a near-zero defect prepartion, without the usual split beans, broken pieces and crud found in standard Sumatras. It is carefully density sorted and triple-hand-sorted. The dry fragrance is potent and has hints of floral herbs, banana, tropical fruits and rustic sweetness at lighter roast levels. It shifts to caramel at FC roast, and semi-sweet chocolate with pungent highlights at FC+/Vienna roast. In the wet aroma dark caramel, chocolate, molasses and wet earth emerge; there is no doubt this is a Sumatra! But it is clean too, not musty, no dirty earth scents. The light roast has honey graham cracker sweetness, malt sugars, butterscotch, and an interesting herbal finish. It has heathery flowers in the lighter roast, but as a Full City roast I think it's a better flavor profile over all, with roast flavors balanced between malty caramel and chocolate, the darkly outlined fruits (plum, and some orange). The mouthfeel is thick and creamy. There's also an essence of aromatic wood, slightly smokey cedar, in the finish with sweet tobacco and clove spices. It's a classic, aggressive, deep Sumatra flavor profile!