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Sumatra Lintong Opung James Lot 4

Bittersweet cocoa and fresh taragon aroma, flavors of brown rice syrup, tart grape, and peet and cedar accents. Dark herbal tones round out the cup (Ricola drops come to mind). City+ to Full CIty+ and beyond. Good for espresso.
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  • Process Method Giling Basah
  • Cultivar Typica Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Processing Wet Hulled (Giling Basah)
Drying Method Patio Sun-dried
Lot size 16bags/boxes
Bag size 60.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Ateng, Bergendal, Djember, Typica
Grade 1, Special Prep
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to FC+ to Vienna. Extremely versatile!
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
This is our third lot from the "collector" from Lintong Nihota area, Opung James. "Opung" is the kinship used to indicate grandmother of the eldest son - in this case, grandmother of James. She's a coffee collector, a middle-person in the coffee trade in Sumatra, and instrumental in the quality of the coffee that results from the supply chain. Aside from cooperative coffees and a few large farms, all the coffee in Indonesia passes through the hands of collectors, who provide ready cash to the small farmers who want immediate payment on a weekly basis. In other words, you can't work directly with the small farmers in Sumatra, nor do they want to work direct with a buyer because they are looking for ready cash. The collectors provide this function and because of the competition among collectors, the price paid to farmers remains high, even when the global market dips. It's all about local relationships. Opung James is able to buy wet parchment directly from farmers rather than at the local open-air markets, where traceability is practically non-existent.
The dry fragrance has a nice balance of sweet and earthy tones, rustic molasses and pungent moss-like sweetness. The wet aroma takes on a smell of baking rhubarb, deep brown sugar, and spices. There's a pleasing sweetness to be found in the aroma, and breaking the crust lets off a scent of caramel popcorn, with a tarragon hint in the steam. The cup has a very intense bittersweetness, defining the core coffee flavor. It's rustic (even 'foresty'), a bit like rice syrup, but definitely a sweetness shifting toward bittersweet cocoa tones in flavor and mouthfeel. There's a dark herbal note that comes out as the cup cools, a bit like Ricola drops, sage, and thyme. This is a Sumatra coffee, so acidity is mellow, but still has a pleasantly mild, tart grape aspect presented as flavor too. The coffee finishes with a strong, heavy-handed baker's chocolate flavor, with accents of peet and . Allow the coffee to rest after roasting for minimum 24 hours to enjoy the entire effect of the body in this coffee.