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Sumatra Lake Tawar 19+ Extra Bold

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Grade Grade 1, Triple-Pick, 19+ screen
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 19+ Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City to Full City+. Lighter roasts are excellent too if you have the ability to "profile" the roast ... that is, drop the temperature as 1st crack ends and extend the roast time as much as possible without stalling the roast.
Weight 1 LB
Lake Tawar is in the North-central highlands of Medan-Aceh. The main town of Takengon is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Tawar, and it is a great base camp for exploring the greater Gayo region. The lot is a special selection of the largest screen size seeds (19/64ths and greater) and is triple hand-picked after drying to remove defects. Lake Tawar and it's sister mark (Iskandar) are the absolute top-of-the-line in terms of preparation and size. Now, as you know, larger bean size does not mean a better cup, but in the case of Sumatra, where coffee is so mishandled and poorly sorted, this does ensure that small broken bits, or infirmed beans do not make it into the final sort. And more important than the appearance of the green coffee is, of course, the cup quality. The Lake Tawar has much less mustiness than the Grade 1 Mandheling, but I wouldn't dare call this a "cleaned up" cup profile. It is potent, bittersweet, herbal, and intense ... VERY intense. If you think a triple pick coffee, a carefully prepared Sumatra, necessarily loses it's Sumatra intensity, then this Lake Tawar lot will disprove that notion. It did for me. This is a pungent, brooding, opaque, full-bore Sumatra. It has bitter chocolate roast tones, with accents of sage and thyme. There's a very intense sweetness here too, a bit like butterscotch. I wouldn't call it earthy or mossy (a flavor I do not like in Sumatras), but there is something intensely foresty about this cup; cedar, pine bark, somewhat resinous. There's a dark herbal sweetness too, a bit like Ricola drops. Allow the coffee to rest after roasting for minimum 24 hours to enjoy the body in this coffee.