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Sulawesi Grade One Toraja

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Grade 1
Appearance .8 d/300gr, 17-18 screen
Roast Recommendations Full City+ is ideal for the cup I describe. This coffee needs a heavy roast treatment.
Weight 1 LB
It's a bit like Prince: The coffee formerly known as Celebes Kalossi, but it no longer goes by that name. Don't call it Kalossi, at least not while traveling the island. They will scowl. Kalossi was the colonial Dutch name for Toraja, an incredible mystical, densely-forested region with weird giant bats hanging from trees, and ancestral homes shaped like ships. The cup character of the best Toraja rivals the best Sumatran coffees. The deep-toned flavors and maple-syrupy body sets it apart, and results in a stunning, clearer taste profile (but less sheer power and earthiness) that a Dry-Processed Mandheling. My choice for Moka-Java Blends, with 50% Yemeni and 50% Sulawesi, or 50% Sulawesi and 50% Ethiopian Dry Process (Sidamo or Harar). This coffee is the highest grade of preparation I have seen from a Grade One Sulawesi. It is basically without chaff! So the added perk is that you will have very little chaff come off the coffee during the roast process. Sulawesi makes a great single-origin espresso too. It has such a solid balance and baritone-weighted flavor profile that, roasted to a light Vienna, makes for a great Indonesian espresso. The supply of Sulawesi is tight this year and prices are up. Unfortunately, quality is more scarce too. Early in the Sulawesi crop, I cupped some of the worst samples I have ever had the misfortune of tasting. I thought maybe this year would be a total bust. But along came a new offering from a different source, and I was saved from explaining over and over why we don't have Sulawesi this year. And we are back to where we were a few years ago in terms of cup character. This is a traditional semi-washed lot as defined in Indonesia. It's something between a Brazil-type dry-process and a pulp-natural coffee. It is not dried in the skin, but is dried with all the fruit on the parchment layer of the coffee, giving the same effect as a intact dried coffee cherry process. Often, the small farmer will pulp the coffee, and half-dry it, delivering to the mill to finish the drying. Here we have a low-acid, deep, intense Sulawesi, with just a tad of brightness to balance the flavor. This is a rustic cup, and in a way it needs a FC+ roast to tame it a bit. There are subtle notes of roasted macademia nut, and fruit, but it is pungent, foresty, earthy, bold. At this FC+ roast stage, the coffee has a dark chocolate roast taste with nut hints, and outstanding body. There's a strong tobacco note, which folds nicely into the pungent roast flavors of a Full City + roast. There's a mossy, foresty aspect here, wet earth, humus, a walk in the woods. Sounds corny but it is true! But all in all, this is more of a dry process, classic, Sumatra-type cup than we have had in recent years, and Sulawesi fans everywhere should be pleased about that!