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Sulawesi Goo Goo Muck

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Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Grade 1 !!!
Appearance Typical Grade 1 Appearance and Prep.
Roast Recommendations This coffee has a very light brown roast color even at FC roast. I would take it to the verge of 2nd crack so you can honestly judge the green coffee quality. At this stage, it will be a lighter brown than you might be used to, and still somewhat patchy in surface color and texture. This is not unusual for a Sulawesi, good or bad.
Weight 1 LB
What is bad coffee? Have we become so spoiled by great lots that we forget how good our home roasts are? What part of the picture might be eluding you, Mr and Mrs. Home Roaster, from the perspective of a buyer who must cup many awful coffees to find a gem? Well, it's not exactly like that ... let's say that I cup many mediocre and average coffees to find good ones. But occasionally I get a genuine stinker, offered to me as Specialty Coffee, that I am sure some roaster is buying as Specialty Coffee, and it is horrible. So I finally found a new "Thumbs Down" lot to provide a good "educational experience" in this respect. Indonesians range from the triple pick premium lots of Tawar, Iskandar and Blue Batak, loaded with rustic sweetness, to lots that have bittersweet earthy, to musty coffees with just rank bitterness. Technically, many coffees we accept as being "positive" earthy are in fact technically defective. But there is a consensus about "good" rustic flavors and bad over-the-edge rustic, ie: dirty swampy muddy tasting dreck. I would call it a fine line between the two, but a confusing distinction for many. So what I have dredged up, literally, is Swampy Sulawesi, a cup that perfectly embodies nasty algae-like, musty, decomposing swamp rot. Compare it to even the most funky Mandheling we stock (the "classic") or the Tawar or the Batak, or our good Sulawesi Gr. 1 and the difference will be clear, I hope. And to illustrate the point, as you sip it, consider that the seller of this coffee told me there is a roaster on the coast in California who features this as the "best Sulawesi in 20 years", letting you know what you just might get if you walk into their shop and order a cuppa. Oh joy! Seriously. it is hard to taste this coffee and chalk up the flavor to "a matter of taste". It is nasty, but necessary, to understand the difference between available Indonesia lots.