Sonofresco Coffee Roasters

We just started selling Sonofresco roasters and are pretty excited. We had the option of selling them on Sweet Maria's but thought Coffee Shrub would be a better home since they are a big step up from your average home roasting appliance (and a small step down from a more expensive commercial roaster). If you are starting a small roasting company or are just really serious about cranking out 1 or 2lb batches, this roaster is for you.

Two Models

The "Profile" model allows you to wirelessly connect to your Mac or PC so you can monitor your roast profile in real time. You can save profiles on your computer and in the machine itself. The "Flagship" model is the same machine as the "Profile" but without computer control. You can control your roast with the buttons on the side of the machine. The "Profile" has the same manual controls as well. The 1lb machines can also roast 120g sample batches.

Getting Started

The burners are gas powered so you will have to supply either propane or natural gas. Connecting the gas source is simple. After receiving our test model, we read the instructions, bought a propane tank at the gas station and were good to go. Roasting coffee creates smoke and using the Sonofresco is no exception. You will need to set your roaster up under a hood vent or connect it to a vent pipe to keep your roasting space from filling with smoke. If you aren't into DIY venting, you can purchase one of Sonofresco's venting options from their website.

We were very impressed with how the Sonofresco performed during testing. It has an industrial build with solid parts. If you do happen to break something, Sonofresco supplies most replacement parts. The fan does an excellent job moving the bean mass and the burner gets up to temperature quickly, giving you roast cycles around 18 minutes. It creates very even roasts and the cracking of the coffee is easy to hear considering it's all contained in a glass cylinder. Sonofresco claims you don't need any roasting experience to run the machine, which is technically true, but you may want to educate yourself a bit and expect to sacrifice a few batches if you are a roasting newbie. The manual is easy to read and gives you an understanding of how simple this machine is to use.

The 1lb machine weighs 55lbs and the 2lb machine is 65lbs. Yes, you can move it around but it's bulky and awkwardly shaped so it's better if you just find a nice spot for it to live.

All Sonofresco roasters come with a 1 Year Warranty and are made in the USA.

CLICK HERE to take a closer look at the different models.