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Rwanda Coko

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Region Africa
Arrival date Dec 12 2011
Lot size 91bags/boxes
Bag size 60.00kg
Weight 1 LB
Coko is a small cooperative in an area between two much larger and well-known coffee mills: Musasa and Rushashi. They were definitely one of the most organized and motivated groups I visited this year, with plans to expand their production greatly. Gladly, they seemed to understand that there is no sense to grow bigger if their level of quality drops, because they are blessed with some pretty amazing circumstances. The washing station is set at 2000 meters, with coffee coming from around 1800 up to 2100 meters in the surrounding area. They are using a Colombian machine-washer rather than traditional fermentation and getting great results in terms of cup quality. This processing allowed them to start an independent cooperative on a site with little water resources, as a traditional fermentation mill would require.
Coko is a beautiful cup that highlights the best attributes found in Rwanda coffees. The dry fragrance is floral with citric mandarin orange brightness. The floral and citrus show more of a lemon verbena scent on the wet aroma, with clove, vanilla. orange, and milk choc at a Full City roast level with just a bit of roasty caramelization with the cocoa. The warm cup has a defined clove finish that's a much stronger floral clove as cools. With some melon and floral notes, the Full City has none of the roasty notes from the aroma, but with a sweet cherry note right in the center. The body and mouthfeel are clear yet creamy which matches and supports the melon flavors really well. In the cool cup, the Full City shows a bit of roast in the finish with some cocoa which makes it a pleasant roastiness. While I would certainly lean towards a City+ roast on this, it was a really nice Full City cup with lots of character.