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Peru FTO Aparm Coop Typica

From the Amazonas region of north Peru. Caramel and vanilla mark the aroma, with pear fruit notes in the cup, and toasted bread, butter, creamy body, Dutch cocoa, almond skins in finish. Mild and balanced. City+ to Full City+ roast.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Grade SHG
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+. Your C+ roasts will have a nutty accent and is my favorite (sweetest) roast. FC+ is simpler, with nice cocoa notes.
Weight 1 LB
This is a lot of all Typica cultivar coffee from a cooperative charmingly called APARM: Asociaci_n de Productores Agropecuarios Rodr_guez de Mendoza. They are located in the Amazonas region of northeastern Peru, with an average altitude of 1900 meters for their smallholder farmer members. APARM was founded in 1990 by a small group of coffee farmers who hoped to achieve a higher price for their coffee, and from 1998, the co-op has been able to export all of its coffee directly instead of through a third party. It's a nice cup and has a lot of classic "Typica" character. The dry fragrance has a savory sweetness, a slight herbal note, and a touch of cedar as well. The dry fragrance raised some doubts the first time I cupped this lot; cedar and herbs isn't always what you want ion a wet process coffee. But adding hot water, the wet aroma has a clean sweetness, with mild caramel and vanilla scents. The cup is really balanced, with moderate brightness, a creamy body (surprising for a Peru coffee, which are normally quite thin), and short finish. There is a white pear fruit essence in the cup, fresh toasted bread, and the City+ roast has a sweet buttery note. The finish fades to a pleasant bittering taste, like almond skins, and in fact the lightest roast I did had quite a strong almond flavor. But I preferred Full City, Full City +, a few snaps of 2nd crack here. At this level, there was a nice Dutch cocoa flavor overlaying the other flavors that I found pleasant. It's a mild and balanced cup, not going to win any competitions here, but a definite go-to coffee for daily drinking! And for me, FT certification still means something in Peru, where the option for farmers to sell their coffee cherry or parchment coffee locally has not historically given them fair prices.