Papua New Guinea Obura-Wonenara

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Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-Dried
Arrival date December 2017 Arrival
Lot size 15
Bag size 60
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Typica
Grade A/X
Weight 1 LB

This "Nyeri FCS" coffee is a blend of peaberry screen size coffees from the factories of a few different Farmer Cooperative Societies ("FCS") in Nyeri County. These factories are where hundreds to thousands of farmer members deliver their coffee to a central washing station where it is then processed, separated by screen size, and then blended into separate process batches. Farmer Cooperative Societies are the umbrella organizations who help their member factories with matters of agronomical support, logistics, interacting with marketing agencies, transparency, and much more. Peaberries occur when one of the two seeds inside the coffee cherry fails to germinate and dies, leaving behind a single seed to receive all the nutrients. It grows into a round shape instead of taking on a flat side, hence the name "peaberry" (in Latin America they call them "caracol", or snails). They're thought to often be sweeter, and more fruit-forward than their flat bean counterparts, which I don't know that's always true, but this one is definitely on the wilder fruit side of the Kenya spectrum. It's dense too, and I let my roasts roll a few added seconds beyond my normal target roast times in order to allow for the better roast evenness from inside to outer layer.

The dry fragrance has a raspberry tea smell to it, raw cane sugar, and a sweetness that reminds me of vanilla wafer cookies. Adding hot water, the wet aromatics give off citrus elements, like the tart aspects of lemon and orange peels. Full City roasts have a black currant jelly note, and pectin-like sweetness. The cup shows a delicate balance of sweet flavors and tart sensations, tropical fruited notes gaining presence as the cup cools in temperature, grabby lemon rind and juice notes following closely. Orange notes become more focused as you move through the cup, the sweet, pulpy flavors of a fresh squeezed juice, as well as the pithy/bittering aspects of the orange peel itself. City+ roasting bodes well for this coffee, building a layered sweetness that helps to construct an overall sturdy, yet complex cup. Gakuyu-ini is also a good option for darker roasting too, Full City - Full City+ roasts offer substantial bittersweet roast tones, cut through by tangy citric notes, and an interesting mix of blueberry and hickory chips accenting the aftertaste.