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Papua New Guinea AA Sigri Plantation

Elements of Indonesia wildness, refined character of a wet-process coffee. Mandarin orange, clean honey notes at City+ fade to bittersweet roast tones at Full City+, balanced acidity. The body is moderate but increases exponentially as you approach 2nd crack. City+ to Full City+.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Oceania
Grade AA
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 17-18 PB Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+, the Full City being ideal. Nice as SO espresso too at FC roast.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes

Papua New Guinea occupies the Eastern half of the island it shares with the Indonesian province of Irian (or simply Papua). There is little organized coffee production from the Irian side, but the PNG highlands are planted with a variety of coffee types, a combination of a few large plantations, and many smallholder coffee gardens. PNG coffees can be a bit confusing. They are different from other Indonesian, Southeast Asian or Pacific Island types. Nearly all PNG coffees are wet-processed (as is coffee from Guatemala, Colombia, etc.) It explains the bright flavor profile of PNG coffee compared to nearby Indonesian growing areas, and why some basic aspects of the cup are indeed similar to a Central America coffee. Indonesians like Sumatra and the bulk of Sulawesi coffees are "wet-hulled" which results in lower acidity, heavy body, and the funky "earthy" character which some people love more than others. There can be a huge range of cups flavors from rustic, bulked Organic lots to Plantation coffees. The plantations are larger farms that have their own coffee-processing wet mills, so they are able to control all the variables of production better than the small farm coffee gardens. Sigri Plantation is probably the most efficient and well-organized of these plantations, and the careful processing of the coffee shows in the cup. In fact I have heard coffee brokers referring to a bright, clean, well-processed PNG as "Sigri-like," so famous is this farm and their style of coffee. Sigri is located not far from Kimel Plantation or from the landmark Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands. Sigri Coffee Estate in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea was established in the 1950s. The altitude of the Wahgi Valley where this coffee plantation is located is 5,200 ft. above sea level, and the size of this estate, and their sister estate, Bunum Wo totals 1,123 hectares. In addition, Sigri now fully manages 413 hectares of "project coffee" owned by neighboring local landowners and farmers.

The Sigri has an interesting dry fragrance, sweetness of beeswax and honeycomb, slight caramelized sugars, and soft milk chocolate tones (accentuated by roast level at Full City). In the light roast levels, the wet aroma is very fragrant and floral, with that persistent suggestion of raw honey coming through. The cup has elements of Indonesia wildness, with refined cup character of a wet-process coffee. There are elements of mandarin orange in the cup, ripe and sweet. The honey quality from the aroma comes through clean at City+ roast level, and fades into the more aggressive bittersweet roast tones at Full City+ . Acidity is well integrated, not too bright, but certainly more so than wet-hulled coffees of Sumatra or Sulawesi. The body is moderate but increases exponentially as you approach 2nd crack.