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Panama Jurutungo Caturra X Gesha

Is it Gesha? Is it Caturra? It's both and neither; a natural cross-pollination of Gesha X Caturra. It is a very sweet cup, and very syrupy in the body. Slight floral hints at City roast, but best balance and syrupy sweetness at City+ to Full City.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 to .6 d/300gr, 17-19+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City roast has the best clarity in terms of floral aspects, but I think City+ to Full City produces the best cup overall.
Weight 1 LB
This is a 30 lb nano-lot of Caturra X Gesha varietal coffee from the Jurutungo Estate in the Jurutungo area of Panama. Caturra X Gesha? That is what the plant has been identified as, and that is the way it cups too! It appears that on this small farm in the Jurutungo area of Panama, the old Gesha trees spontaneously cross-pollinated with the adjacent Caturra plants. The result is a coffee with more cherries on the branch, the appearance (more or less) of Caturra, but with flavor suggestions of Gesha. It's not as floral as an all-out Gesha coffee (see the sister lot of pure Gesha we are also offering), but it is definitely there in the cup flavors. This lot was pulped and processed entirely by hand on a very small scale. The cup is outstanding (we have kept in in vacuum pack from origin to delivery here at SM warehouse). There are a few immature beans that emerge as light-colored quakers in roasting. This is the nature of handmade nano-lots that are too small to be gravity separated. Pull these quakers out before grinding and brewing.
The dry fragrance is floral. It is, perhaps, muted when compared side by side to the pure Gesha coffee. (But I want to judge this coffee on it's own merits, not simply as how it measures up to Gesha. After all, it is interesting in and of itself). There is a strong scent of raw, unpasteurized honey, dusk flowers, and graham-cracker-caramel (a bit like a good waffle cone for ice cream). The wet aroma has cane syrup sweetness, and a similar caramel-cookie scent as the dry grounds did. I noted how the scent was much more aggressive with just a tad more roast. City roast had the light honey sweetness. A light level of Full City was quite chocolate and intense (and less sweet). On the break, the light City roast seemed under-roasted; I detected greenish notes. (These were not present in the cup). The darker roast became the sweeter of the two in the aromatics. The coffee is quite bright, with a sturdy, well-structured acidity. The sweetness and body are quite pronounced and combine to create a very syrupy effect. Honey-like sweetness is well-defined, but the floral aspects are transitory, most easily found at City roast level.