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Panama Esmeralda Gesha Lot 10 (AKA The Gold Standard: Like Last Year's Best Lot)

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Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 to .4 d/300gr, 17-19+ Screen
Roast Recommendations Lot 10 Roast Tips: This lot roasts well between City and Full City. FC roast is going to be a bit diminished in the top end, highest range of flavor, so City+ is recommended. It's an incredibly intoxicating coffee, aromatically and in the sapid sensations, and changes as it rests (increased body and balance). See the above general notes too. Gesha Roast Pictures page
Weight 1 LB
Lot 10 Notes: This was an outstanding lot that actually shares harvest characteristics with Lot 2: it is from late in the crop when the coffee cherry has matured on the trees for the longest amount of time. This also hints at higher elevation. It was harvested March 24th and 25th, in the area "North and South of the Creek". The dry fragrance is intensely floral, with jasmine and lemon blossom scents. The quality of the wet aroma reminds me of our Esmeralda of past years, and in fact lot 10 is in line price wise with our non-auction Gesha of last season. It's cleaner and sweeter than Lot 5, more dynamic, more floral, with jasmine and a bit of violet flowers. There is great sweetness in this coffee, nectar-like floral sweetness, honeysuckle. It is more floral and less rindy than lot 5, and finishes with a refined orange honey aftertaste. It doesn't hit the high notes quite like #2 or #3, but is clearly in a higher tier than #5. If I was unsure about my predisposition to this cup profile, had not roasted Gesha before, but didn't want to start at the lowest level (lot 5), I would opt for lot 10, absolutely. If it doesn't have that arcane quality that elevates it to 95 points, well heck, it's 92 point coffee and we don't fling around scores like that often around here!!! Please note that the Lot Numbers don't indicate quality. Specifically, Lot 10 is superior to Lot 5. The lot numbered 1 in the auction was not the top coffee ... in fact we panned it in our scoring! The lots 1-4 were considered Special Reserve with higher starting bids. But I found Lot 10 to be better than 2 of the "Reserves". My score for this lot is 92.1.