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Panama Don Pepe Estate Dry-Process

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 16-17 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City is recommended, but the fact is this coffee takes a wide range of roasts and performs well no matter what
Weight 1 LB
Here is a controversial coffee, because it flies in the face of tradition. This is a full natural, a dry process coffee, from a great farm in Panama. It's not like any Panama coffee you have had before. The dry fragrance is very rustic, with a roast tone of macadamia nut, and intense fruit. There is an almond-skin scent in the wet aromatics, and coconut paired with chocolate, as well as intense, general fruitiness. The cup is like a sweet, fruited Ethiopia dry-process natural coffee ... immensely fruited but with Central American flair. There are layers of distinct fruits, tamarind, ripe papaya, very ripe pineapple. It's initially floral, has husky, nutty roast tones and has a brightness not often found in naturals from other parts of the world. I get toasted coconut in the finish. This is truly a magnificent coffee that both breaks all the rules of classic "Central American" coffee, and yet is completely an exquisite Panama coffee at it's core. While this coffee might raise the hackles of some coffee tasters who belong to the "clean coffee or else" camp, I must defend it based on this great flavor profile. The mark of a failed dry-process coffee is mustiness, dirt flavors, or rancid flavors. There is none of that here, and while I too don't want all the producers of Central America to stop making their fantastic wet-processed traditional lots, and create non-traditional dry process like this, I do think it's an interesting and valid flavor profile that has a rustic-yet-sweet finish. This is not the result of some careless experiment of accident; to get this cup, great care had to be taken in harvesting only ripe cherry, and prompt drying on raised beds. (Note: We will have Don Pepe Bourbon coffee wet-processed, so you can compare the same coffee, same farm. different process method. The flavor difference is extreme!)