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Panama Boquete Lerida Estate "Miel"

Malty-balsamic fragrance, hazelnut and beeswax aromas, muted acidity. Great for espresso! City+ to Full City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB, Peaberry
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to FC+.. We tested this a bit light, and will re-roast with a bit of 2nd crack; it seems like it will do well with more roast too_‹_
Weight 1 LB
Lerida Estate is synonymous with Boquete, and with fine Panama coffee. The farm is owned by the Collins family, as it has been since the beginning. And these people are serious about coffee and about Lerida. This is a first though, a "miel" coffee (AKA Honey coffee, AKA Pulp natural). Instead of their wet-process/fermentation method, with a pulp natural coffee the skin of the coffee cherry is removed and then the parchment coffee is allowed to sun dry. The process can be done with a traditional pulper, or also with one of the new demucilage machines adjusted to leave any desired percentage of fruit sticking to the parchment shell. The results of this method allow for some subtle changes based on the technique used, and how much fruity mucilage is allowed to remain on the parchment-coated green bean. It also requires effective, rapid sun-drying, and to this end the farm uses raised beds in the African style, so air can circulate all around the coffee. Lerida has always done fully washed, traditional coffees, and this cup is quite a bit different than what we have offered from Lerida Estate before. The level of acidity is much lower, while the body is greater. The dry fragrance has an interesting, balsamic-like maltyness. The wet aromatics are mildly fruity (ripe pineapple, passiflora) and have a winey accent. The cup is not so fruity, but very creamy in mouthfeel. There's a roasted hazelnut roast tone (C+ roast level), and a beeswax quality in sweetness and volatile aromatic/flavor. It finishes muted and balanced. Cupping it side by side with wet-processed estate Lerida, with all it's citrus acidity, you can see that it is quite a difference that processing makes. Note: This makes outstanding Single Origin, Single Farm espresso! Recommended roast is around FC+ and allow several days rest after roasting (resting is essential). Once again, please note this is not the traditional wet-process Lerida Estate coffee we stock (the peaberry). That should be coming late in the season.