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Latte Palermo Cup/Saucer - Set of 6

The walls are about 1/4" thick and offer good heat retention. They come with a saucers. Aside from their ability to withstand normal wear and tear, they earned tons of respect after our shipment arrived from Italy on smashed pallets with some boxes completely crushed - a few saucers and only one cup were damaged. 

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This cup is smaller than most American lattes, this cup holds just about 8 ounces of liquid. They come in traditional reddish-brown color with white interiors, are vitrified porcelain with incredibly thick (3/8" side walls) and are very strong. Once heated, they prevent heat loss so your coffee will stay hot for a longer period of time. Sturdy and thick-walled, these cups can take a beating. In all the years of receiving Nuova Point cups on crushed and mangled shipping pallets, we have only come across a few broken cups and coasters. A true testament to the strength of Nuova Point cups.

We enjoy drinking brewed coffee from cups made for cappuccinos because of their small size, but felt it would be good for us to also offer a cup that is just a tad larger.

This size is a little smaller than a standard latte cup and a little larger than a cappuccino cup. 

Dimensions 2.5" (2.75" when on its saucer) x 4.25" x 3.5"
Capacity about 8 oz
Material Porcelain
Cons There may be some imperfections in the glaze since these are functional items, not museum-ware.
Pros Heat retention, They look great, Very sturdy