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Kenya Nyeri Peaberry -Mutwewathi Factory

An attractive and sweet Peaberry lot, with a dry fragrance of flowers and peach cobbler, dark fruit, spice, clove, lemon, rose-scent, cane sugar, apple-apricot compote, pink grapefruit brightness, light body. City+ to FC roast.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade PB Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17+ PB screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to FC+ roast
Weight 1 LB
Mutwewathi is a Coffee Factory (wet mill) in the farmers group called Gikaru. This is a typical Nyeri-region cooperative where the small-holder group of farmers operates several wet mills. (Thangathi is in the same Gikaru group, lots we have bought before). This factory is in a sub-region of Nyeri called Mukurwwe-Ini where I was earlier this year, although I didn't get to Mutwewathi in particular. Gikaru has a total membership of 1200 small farmers with an average of 250 trees each, and the altitude ranges from 1600-1800 meters. This peaberry lot was so attractive and sweet, with a dry fragrance of flowers and peach cobbler. In the wet aromatics there is a host of dark fruit notes, some interesting spice notes, a bit of clove, lemon, rose-scent and fresh flowers. The cup is very floral with cane sugar-like sweetness, and an apple-apricot compote flavor. It finishes with compelling pink grapefruit brightness when hot, milder as it cools. The body is light, and suits the crisp cup character. It's another delicious Kenya Peaberry coop lot of immense quality, in a year that promises to be filled with so many 90+ Kenya coffees (and Peaberries in particular).