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Kenya Nyeri Peaberry - Kirimara Estate

This is a sweet and pungent full-bodied cup. Plum, grape, tangerine acidity, slightly tangy pineapple with floral clove finish. Ease this through first crack and don't go beyond City+, really benefits from an extra day of rest after roasting. City+ is ideal.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Grade PB Main Crop Lot
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 PB screen
Roast Recommendations City+ is ideal, try to ease it through first crack and definitely benefits from an extra day of rest.
Weight 1 LB
The Kirimara Estate is located 12 kilometers from Nyeri Town at the foot of Mt. Kenya set between the Chania and Muriggato Rivers. Nyeri is an ideal coffee growing area, renowned for its high quality production due to the good volcanic soils and conducive climate. The complexity and brightness in the cup can be partly attributed to cool temperatures during the main crop expansion, coupled with rich volcanic soils. The estate was established in the 1920's by european settlers, but has changed hands many times from owners with colorful nicknames like; Mongoose (KAIHU), Laughter (MUTHEKI), and Beads (NYACIUMA) named so because of freckles. The farm is currently owned by Mutanga Investments Company Ltd, which is a family property of the late Engineer Julius Mimano who was Kenyaïï_s first African mechanical engineer and a pivotal figure in the Kenyan railroad. After being dried on raised shadenet tables at Kirimara, the coffee is moved to the Socfinaf Coffee Mill in Ruiru where it is milled and graded. With this year's small crop and many people looking for powerhouse Kenyan coffees, prices are high but we pursued the coffees that delivered on the promises of complexity and exotic flavors in the cup. This peaberry offering delivers on both of those promises. You definitely want to pay close attention to the roast and allow it to develop enough past the finish of first crack (around 30-45 seconds) in order to bring out the cider and pineapple sweetness, but make sure that you set it up so that you don't rush into the beginning of second crack. Also, like many Kenyas, an extra day of rest out of the roaster makes a big difference in the cup.
This coffee really, really benefits from one extra day of rest out of the roaster. The pungency settles a bit and the sweetness is more pronounced, but it still has a bright nose on the dry fragrance. Sweet plum and green grape notes are abundant in the cup. It's not a bright sparkling cup, but full bodied with unfiltered cider flavors and character in the long sweet finish. There's a bit of a lemongrass note with some citrusy hop flavors as well as wild flower in the cool cup, but they're in balance with the glowing tangerine internalized acidity with a sweet and just slightly tangy pineapple. The finish has a floral clove that has an oaky note to it, a bit like a chardonnay, which describes the City+ roast of this coffee really well. This is a complex but balanced Kenya that was best at City+, I would not go as deep as FC where there's a malted chocolate and caramel sweetness yet not as much floral and citrus. This coffee needs just the right development. Don't let it rush through first crack too fast, and please give it an extra day of rest!