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Kenya Nyeri AA -Kagumo Coop

From the Nyeri district, Kagumo AA has a very sweet aromatic and cup, ripe orange notes, juicy, traces of cinnamon spice, rose floral accents, bright yet balanced in the finish. City to City+ roast is recommended.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade AA Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 18 screen
Roast Recommendations City to City+ is ideal, given the super sweet and orangey cup. I enjoyed FC-FC+ roast too, but the bittersweet notes seem to interfere a bit.
Weight 1 LB
Kagumo is a stop along the road between the coffee towns of Karatina and Kerugoya on route C74 in the Nyeri district. It's also a cooperative of small-holder farmers with their own washing station (coffee wet mill), part of the Agathi Farmers Cooperative Society. Societies (as cooperatives are called) give the grower a choice to sell their cherry not just to the big private mills, but within the coop, and gain the added benefits, business assistance and loans, infrastructure and schools, etc. I happen to think they can produce better coffees than the big estates, at least more often than not. This lot was shipped to us in our new specially-lined bags, and on arrival the green coffee is fantastically fresh and has a potent aroma in itself. The fragrance (uh, from the roasted coffee that is) contains tons of sweetness, sugary, caramelly sweetness. From C to C+ roast it has caramel apple notes, and vanilla bean. The wet aroma is best in the lighter roasts, with (again) strongly sweet scents of cinnamon, vanilla and cane sugar. The cup has ripe, fresh orange juice, bright and sweet, laced with rose-like floral flavors. Cinnamon spice emerges in the aftertaste, and a twist of bracing orange rind as well. An almond roast note lingers in the background, paired with modest but substantial body. Roasting a bit darker, more pungent roast notes enter the picture, a bittersweet layer with the orange sweetness fading to the background. It may be a slightly more complex and aggressive flavor profile at FC-FC+ roast, but I like the bell-ringing clarity and brightness of the City-City+ range. The acidity of the lighter roasts isn't so bright as to be sour. It's a very drinkable Kenya in that regard.