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Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry Gakuyu-ini

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Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Grade PB Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .2 defect per 300 grams, PB 17+ screen
Roast Recommendations City+ roast through Full City; It's exceptionally sweet in the lighter roast levels, and the acidity is not shrill, even at City roast.
Weight 1 LB
Gakuyu-ini is a "factory," a coffee mill in Kenya terminology, from the Kirinyaga growing district that is to the west of Nyeri. Gakuyu-ini is a cooperative coffee, the sole coffee group of the Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society. It serves Githiru, Gituba and Mukure villages, and the actual mill is in the Gichugu Division near Kianyaga town at 1567 meters. While we like estate coffees, more often than not, the cup quality from cooperatives is superior. In a co-op, each member is tending to only 200-500 trees on less than a hectare, as opposed to a huge estate that uses agribusiness growing methods. I think it shows in the cup. We have a long history buying this coffee as well (both AA and the excellent Peaberries), and that increases our collective trust that this coop can pick and process coffee really well. This is a coffee stored in vacuum packs at our warehouse and it has held up very well. As vividly bright as when it first arrived! The dry fragrance has a slightly winey grape note, red flame grape, sweet raisin, and plum pudding, with a touch of clove and allspice. Adding hot water, t wet aroma has flashes of fruit, apricot layered over fresh berry and black currant jelly. On the break there is a jasmine floral scent. What an interesting cup this is, rather delicate for a Kenya in some regards, but with unique, nippy accent notes. There are bright rose-like floral flavors, a bit of jasmine tea as found in the aroma, Bergamot citrus, Meyer lemon. The body is light but dynamic. When hot it appears to have all the flavors compacted into a very limited range with a crisp finish, but as it cools it really opens up and has a long and syrupy finish with sticky white grape and pineapple. Tea notes, jasmine, resiny hop flowers, malt syrup, and even a hint of nutmeg and cardamom emerge as the temperature drops.