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Kenya Kiambu Nyaga Peaberry

This Kirinyaga-like coffee is a peaberry separation but has a fair number of flat beans in the mix too, more than I am used to seeing. No matter, what a sweet cup this is! It is definitely "fruit forward" with loads of winey grape tones, blackberry finish while dark fruit sweetness abounds. Syrupy and slick mouthfeel that compliment the flavors quite well. City+ or Full City is ideal.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Grade PB Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17+ PB screen + Flats
Roast Recommendations City+ roast to Full City is ideal for the Nyaga peaberry.
Weight 1 LB
Nyaga is a "factory" (a coffee mill) that is part of the Nyakiri Farmer's Cooperative Society in Kiambu. This is an area dominated by large farms, and in fact I did not even know there were cooperatives in the area until recently. The altitudes in Kiambu are a bit lower than Nyeri, but in the range of 1550-1700 meters, quite high! This was a lot that just bowled me over when I was cupping in Nairobi earlier in the season. It was very sweet, fruited with dark berry, and had a slightly lower tone than some of the more citrusy Nyeri lots. We shipped this in vacuum pack barrier pouches from Kenya and have archived it here in our warehouse until now. With out vacuum packs, it cups like the day it arrived. The dry fragrance has a complex malt-toned sweetness, vanilla, caramel and a strong blackberry syrup scent with a hint of dark cane sugar as well. The wet aroma has a sharper, brown-sugary sweetness, much like cinnamon toast, and still a dark fruited sweet scent. Sweet is the key word here, and I hope I don't overuse it. What a sweet cup! It is definitely what you would call "fruit forward!" It has loads of berry and grape tones, with a ripe, almost winey accent to it. Blackberry (turning to raspberry in the aftertaste), plum and dark grape sweetness abound. There's a slight rindy citrus accent in the aftertaste, especially at City roast level. I prefer a little more roast, City+ or Full City is ideal. It's a Kirinyaga-like flavor profile, and a potent, sweetly Kenya-like cup in terms of intensity and ripe fruit character. And what a syrupy cup this is ... a syrupy and slick mouthfeel that compliments the flavors quite well. One thing to note: the coffee is a peaberry separation but has a fair number of flat beans in the mix too, more than I am used to seeing. Of course, the cup is fantastic, and I wouldn't care if the seed shape was cubic, as long as the cup was as good as this is!