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Kenya AB Ngunguru

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Weight 1 LB
Ngunguru is one of three "factories" that form the Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society. A factory is a wet mill in Kenya that serves a particular micro-region. Ngunguru is interesting in that it brings has member farmers from both the Mt. Kenya slope and the Aberdare zone: It serves farmers of Thiu sub-location in Kirimukuyu in with the Aberdare on one side and Mt. Kenya on the other. It's a beautiful location, averaging 1700 meters, and the wildlife list I have for the vicinity lists snakes, deer, hare, weaverbirds, owl and hawks. I'll have to look for a weaverbird next time I am there! Tekangu is a really nice coop, with Tegu and Karagoto being the other 2 factories, and often nice coffees as well. The AB indicates bean size and not a quality grade. Ab coffees can get looked over very frequently because of the common misconception that it's a grade indication, but many of the most exciting coffee from Kenya that I've had have been AB's!
I've always tried to figure out exactly what made up the classic bubblegum gum flavor, It seems to me like it's a cross between cherry and mango, and of course tons of sugar. On the dry grounds of this AB coffee from Ngunguru factory there's a potent classic bubblegum fragrance, very sweet and very much cherry and mango. On the wet aroma these notes intensify, showing a little more floral character with the mango on the break. The warm cup is juicy black cherry and a clear satin body. There's the mango and a pungent, floral fruit, like guava with some clove in the warm Full City cup. At City roast there's an intense cran-raspberry juice character as it cools, a syrupy finish with a bit of snappy dryness just at the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is folded satin, layered but very clean and silky. There's an intense and sustained brightness, yet it's a very well balanced and sweet cup. CES- 93