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Kenya AB Auction Lot WP Decaf

Lively, bright cup with citrus, meyer lemon, caramel and floral sweetness. City to City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade Auction Lots
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City - City+: The coffee works at all roast levels, but with proper rest the complexity is at it's acme a bit lighter. At this lighter level, the coffee won't look as pretty as it does at FC+, more surface texture and patchy coloration.
Weight 1 LB
Water process decafs have really performed amazingly well, and some of the brightest coffees, Ethiopia Sidamo, Yirga Cheffe and Kenyas, have been among my favorites. Here is an Auction lot Kenya that has retained it's punctuated, bright character, which would be considered something of a miracle with the older water decaf methods. Normally, a Kenya decaf would come from a bulk lot, but in this case it is from top tier Auction Lot coffees, and I think it shows in the cup. But Kenya Auction coffees come in small lots, so to have enough to send to the decaf plant, 2 had to be combined. They are from Muranga and Neri districts, and are AB lots, meaning slightly smaller bean size than AA. The AA or AB grade has nothing to do with cup quality, and oftentimes an AB can be much better than an AA. The dry fragrance is unsually sweet, and has mild citrus (orange and kumquat) influences. Water process decafs often have an unusual syrupy sweetness, like a light cane sugar or molasses, and I get that in the fragrance here. The cup has a blend of citrus juices. Initially, it seems quite muted and mild, but it really intensifies a lot as it cools. There is bright and lively lemon (turning toward lime as it cools), and it has a hint of red grapefruit too. The mouthfeel is medium in thickness, and a bit doughy. This is an ideal coffee for drip brew, but might be a bit sour in decaf espresso, and even in the AeroPress. (I will need to test that, which I haven't as of yet). It finishes with a candy-like sweetness, and overall it is one of my favorite decaf arrivals in the books at this point!