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Kenya AA Nyeri - Kiamaina

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade AA Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 18 screen
Roast Recommendations See notes above. I recommend City+ roast, and it would be a shame to go much darker.
Weight 1 LB
Our first arrivals from the 2008 Main crop auctions are arriving. We started finding great lots about the same time the Nyeri region coffees showed up in the weekly auctions, not surprising. Nyeri's have been some of our top coffees. We basically bid direct in the auctions on lots we want via our import-export contacts, primarily since we are willing to pay a lot more for special lots that those who need to resell them. If we like a coffee, we want it. When we first tasted this lot in the pre-auction cupping, there was a unique Yirgacheffe-like flavor that emerged as the cup cools, a sweet floral and citrus character. It was not the most acidic, bright lot on the table, but definitely had the best quality of flavor. Now that it has undergone it's long ocean voyage to Oakland, that character remains as it's chief attribute. The dry fragrance has sweet spices, hints of stone fruit, and strawberry jam. Wet aromatics bring these smells into sharper focus: the fruit has more brightness, the spice seems more sharply sweet and piquant. Cup flavors? I have one term that describes this cup perfectly: Peach Nectar. This roast (C+) has the most perfect peach juice sweetness to it, and the body associated with nectar too, slightly pulpy, amazing. It has that peach-apricot acidity, not over-the-top citrusy, and the depth associated with ripe stone fruits too. The finish is quite long and (I repeat myself) very sweet and fruited. Peach, start to finish, peach. I've noted other flavors in the Flavor graph too; refined honey, raspberry, sweet cinnamon powder in the finish. As it cools the perceived acidity is higher, and has a zippy lemon twist to it. I did not try to determine roast flavors at FC+ since I feel like this coffee is so excellent at City +, why go on? At this stage, the batch has finished 1st crack and is square in the middle of the interstice between 1st and the first pop of 2nd crack. The lot was rested 24 hours after roasting. It's the perfect lot for those who want the liveliness and refined Kenya flavors without super-intense acidity.