Hottop Details (Basic and Programmable)

The Hottop Roaster is for those who want larger batches than air roasters, longer roasts, a commerical-type roasting/cooling cycles and a more robust machine. Roasting with the Hottop takes extra effort. You need to understand the sights, sounds and smells of the coffee roasting process to get the best results. But this method, roasting with your senses, is rewarded by a machine that gives a close-up view of the coffee during the roast cycle, and ... well ... produces a lot of roast aroma (smoke).

Yep, if you roast more coffee you are going to get more smoke. There's no way around it. With the HotTop, you are going to need ventilation to the outdoors, ideally by setting it up under a kitchen vent hood.

The roast profile reproduces the results of shop drum roaster when compared to small home air roasters. This especially suits folks who roast for espresso extraction, but in cupping the Hottop's lighter roasts, I am impressed with the aromas and delicate balance of the cup quality.

The Hottop is now available with two different control panel configurations but everything else on the roaster is the same.

The real strength of Hottop machines continues to be their fundamental design, which allows the beans to exit the drum to cool. Hottop USA has great support on the machine through Michael Chiang - he knows the machine backwards and forwards. He is able to troubleshoot problems with customers and send replacement parts either under warranty or sell them so you can keep an older machine working. Machines come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Interested in what HotTop users are saying about this machine? Check out the Using Drum Roasters section of the Sweet Maria's Forum.

The Hottop Basic features the following:

- Color LCD display

- Built-in line voltage control

- 15-17 minutes for a 250g batch

- Time, temperature, fan speed and heater power can be changed during the roast

- Adjusted profile can be saved and played back

- Capacity: 225g - 300g per roasting (250g is optimal)

-For $10 more, we will ship you 5lbs of green coffee.

The Hot Top Programmable model is built on the very solid foundation of the Basic machine - with an even more dynamic user interface.

-You can create a custom "roast profile". There are 8 stages for which you can set time, temperature and fan speed. Up to 9 programmed roast profiles can be saved and recalled. The machine has an Auto mode too.

-The LCD display gives you feedback on the roast at every point - so you can see where you are in the process.
-For $10 more, we will ship you 5lbs of green coffee

The Hottop in detail...

Below are some details to help you decide if the Hottop is right for you. Further notes and tips are on this tip sheet page. The Hottop comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Some of the images below are from older models, but most of the information is pertinent since the chasis has changed little (the user control panel has changed significantly).