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Honduras Groupo de Comayagua

All-spice and cinnamon stick, cola nut, and raw sugar sweetness. Mild fruit flavor, high % dark chocolate note, nice moderate acidity. City+ Full City+. Fantastic espresso.
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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Caturra Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Patio Sun-dried
Arrival date Aug 3 2015
Lot size 72bags/boxes
Bag size 69.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Catuai, Caturra
Grade SHG EP
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15+ PB screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+; City works, and adds to perceived acidity, but sweetness peaks mid-roast range
Weight 1 LB
The name "Groupo de Comayagua" is a little ambiguous, but seemed the simplest way of grouping together the various farming communities from where this coffee originates. La Danta, La Chorrera, El Sute, Buenos Aires - villages where in the past farmers grew coffee for little more than local consumption. With the help of an NGO working in the area (funded by USAID money), there's been a focus on agronomical training, organizational development, and much needed processing infrastructure. It's a quality-focused effort, with coffees assessed by cup-testers locally, looking for ways to improve the final cup quality and ultimately command a higher premium for the farmers. They have also partnered with a larger coffee merchant/exporter who has helped with access to the global coffee market. Most farmers are growing a mix of Caturra, with various disease-resistant Timor-hybrids. This if our first year buying from the group, and we plan to visit a few of these communities beginning of 2016.
The dry fragrance of Comayagua entices, a sort of sweet-basil smell atop dark sugar and baking spice notes that set this coffee apart. Full City roasts have a marzipan sweetness, like almond confection. The wet aroma offer smells of raw honey and fresh caramel, and the break has a smell of coffee cake/bread. The cup shows a nice mix of baking spices, all-spice and cinnamon stick, along with cola and raw sugar sweetness. As it cools, a mild fruit flavor blends nicely with high % dark chocolate note, showing particular strength in the City+/Full City roasts. City roasts are a tad too light for me, though may appeal to some, with a slight up-tick in perceived acidity. We found the sweetness to be much more developed in the middle roast ranges. Full City and Full City+ roasts make for fantastic espresso too.