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Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Jimenez y Vasquez

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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Patio Sun-dried
Lot size 14bags/boxes
Bag size 46.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
Grade SHB
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City to City+ shows most complexity, but the fruit and acidity will shine all the way up to about Full City. Full City and beyond will make great SO espresso.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Michicoy is a small sub region tucked up in the highlands of Huehuetenango. Part of the much larger San Pedro Necta region, it's a string of small towns perched along the mountainous spines of Los Cuchumatanes mountain range. We've had a project in the area the last couple years, negotiating higher prices for top quality coffees from the local small-scale farmers. In the past, different qualities was not a factor when selling their coffee on the local market. So we're working with intermediaries to gain access to some of the farmer's coffees, sorting through lot separations, and identifying the coffee that deserves a much higher premium. It's a win win situation. This lot is a blend of two Michicoy farmers - neighbors really - Fredy Jimenez and Marcos Vasquez (that's Marcos's drying patio out back at his house in the last pic). Both lots were exceptional on their own, but such small volume, and complimentary to one another, that we decided to blend them together. Even still, it's a mere 1400 LBS, so not too much to go around. We're fortunate to have them as part of our Proyecto Xinabajul, which you can read more about HERE.
It's apparent right from the start that this is a special lot from Guatemalan coffee. This level of fruit and sweetness is definitely the exception for the area, and not the rule. The dry fragrance has a strong smell of floral honey and raw sugar, along with a sort of sweet, fruited chocolate note. The wet aroma is intense, with notes of blackberry and panella sugar, and breaking the crust gives off perfumed florals. As a cup, this lot from Michicoy showcases a range of fruits as well as sugars. At City+ the warm cup shows peach, nectarine, and red apple. Muscovado sugar and caramel notes grab our attention, and a flavor of brown sugar and butter finish the experience. Slight florals, and a malic acidity highlight the cup, providing a bit of complexity and structure. Taking this coffee toward Full City roast level brings about a flavor of Dutch drinking cocoa, which combines well with browned sugar in the finish.