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Guatemala Oriente Dry-Process

A super-intense flavor profile, heavily fruited, strong bittersweet chocolate, low acidity, dense body. Full City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City+ has best cup for the full-body-plus-chocolate character, whereas City+ features the fruited notes. We noticed a late 1st crack on this coffee, about 8-10 degrees after similar lots, which can be confusing while roasting this.
Weight 1 LB
This is about as unusual as it gets; a full natural, sun-dried coffee from Guatemala. What does this mean? Basically, that a traditional Ethiopia dry-process was performed at a traditionally wet-process origin. The ripe coffee cherry is picked from the tree when the fruit ripens to a rich, red-crimson color. Then, instead of beginning the wet-process by depulping (removing the skin) and fermenting the cherry for 12-24 hours, this ripe coffee cherry is simply laid out on the sunny patio to dry. With all the skin and fruit of the coffee fruit intact, it dries like a raisin, the mucilage turning to a sweet, chewy, dehydrated form, encoating the green seed protected by its parchment layer. Once fully dried, it is left to rest for some days, then in one step the skin, dried fruit flesh, parchment layer and all are torn from the green seed. The result is something between an Ethiopia coffee a chocolate-covered fruit bomb. I evaluated this on a table of dry-process Yemen and Ethiopian coffees and the dry-fragrance alone dominated not just the table, but the entire room. If you love this flavor profile, this level of intensity will please you greatly ... and if you dislike this type of coffee, it will drive you insane. It starts with the overwhelming power of the dry fragrance, with intense dark chocolate rounded out by fruity/red wine/balsamic vinegar scents. The wet aromatics follow suit, with the addition of strong melon and papaya notes ... these come through directly in the cup flavors. The potent chocolate flavors at FC to FC+ roast are so strong ... I don't think those who like milk chocolate are going to go for this flavor. It's for people who can down a 75% cacao dark chocolate bar with no problem, and the aftertaste has that fat, waxy bitter-to-bittersweet effect of a potent chocolate bar too. Other flavors are tobacco, hints of cedar, dry black fig, black licorice and a whiff of smoke. This coffee is all bass note, and has very, very low acidity. If you have found aged Sumatra coffees to your liking, or if you were adventurous enough to try India Anohki Liberica, you will be very happy with this cup! And those who like dry-process Ethiopians and Yemens should be pleased too. Just don't expect anything like your typical Guatemala in the cup!