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Guatemala Finca La Bella JBM Cultivar

A balanced cup with restrained brightness and great body, toffee, caramel, milk chocolate, apple fruited note, lemon in the lighter roasts. City+ to Full City roast
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ is highly recommended here. Full City has nice milk chocolate roast notes as well.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Finca La Bella is near San Cristobal Acasaguastlan in El Progreso, and is a fourth generation coffee farm. It is the only farm in El Progreso department that we have coffee from, but it is unique in other ways too. La Bella is a large farm with a small plot of Jamaica Blue Mountain Typica cultivar, and that is what we have here, the separated micro-lot of JBM coffee. As you may know, we buy a JBM cultivar from Kona, but we haven't actually bought a Jamaica coffee in quite a few years now. Why - I think you can guess ... it's the cup. Flat, dull, boring, blah. On the other hand we realize there is a degree of novelty in offering this pure JBM cultivar coffees grown in other locales. They were never planted in order to cash in on the name, and I can't tell you in a side-by-side cupping which would be a traditional Typica, and which is the JBM Typica. But I will say this is an old, traditional low-yield cultivar, and it cups like one. It's a great, balanced cup and would beat the crap out of any JBM in blind cupping, I betcha! It's a really beautiful, balanced tenor-toned cup. The dry fragrance has an overt caramelly tone, softly sweet. Adding hot water, there are ample chocolate tones, layers of milk chocolate and hints of pleasant bittersweetness. A bit of apple and warming spice emerge too. Light roasts have a lemony brightness, but anything City+ to Full Citys is all about body and milk chocolate. Caramel, toffee-apple, and root beer come out as the cup cools. It's not as acidic and bright as some of our other Guatemalas this year, such as La Maravilla or San Jose Ocana, but it's a very nice balanced "crowd-pleaser" flavor profile.