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Guatemala El Injerto Estate Pacamara

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 19+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City - City+ to FC+. I like the smooth chocolate truffle at FC+, but the floral notes of the City+ roast are diminished greatly.
Weight 1 LB
This lot was prepared only from the large-bean Pacamara cultivar planted at the well-known farm El Injerto. This is a farm I visited from back around 7 years ago, and whose coffee we have offered in some seasons. El Injerto means "The Graft" (aka agricultural grafting) and is owned by Arturo Aguirre Escobar, representing the third generation of his family. He has worked the farm since 1956. Most of the coffee is planted between 1500 and 2000 meters, on a farm that dedicates a huge portion of its total land to an uncut old-growth forest. Pacamara means Pacas X Maragogype, the later being the large bean mutation that occurred spontaneously in Brazil 80 years ago. Pacas is a Bourbon hybrid that came from El Salvador in the '50s. It might be interesting that this cultivar from Injerto won the Guatemala Cup of Excellence in 2008. More on that later. The fragrance from the dry grounds is so caramelly sweet, with tropical fruit notes (Rambutan, Lychee) and some violet floral scents. The wet aromatics have tea and mulling spice suggestions, with some lingering sweet citrus. In the cup, the aromatic clues are realized in apple cider notes, spice (cinnamon, a dash of black pepper), tea, and a dark brown sugar sweetness that remains well into the aftertaste. As it cools there is a touch of dry black currant, mint and fig. The Injerto Pacamara is unique in the way it relates to other Pacamaras from El Salvador or Nicaragua. It's clean, sweetly fruited, spicy. Pacamaras grown at lower altitudes can be more herbaceous, oniony (salad onion or scallions usually) and a bit more muddled in the flavors ... less articulate. At FC roast the body is really velvety, and I enjoy the creamy chocolate truffle flavors at this slightly darker roast as well. It's a coffee that works at any roast degree. It's no wonder that a special Micro Lot of the coffee won #1 in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence 2008, with a record price paid (we have a small amount of this coffee to offer as well, at an exponentially greater price! The bulk went to our friends at Stumptown. You can obtain this same lot of non-auction El Injerto Pacamara from them, expertly roasted.