Kenya is the East African powerhouse of the coffee world. Both in the cup, and the way they run their trade, everything is topnotch. Their research and development is unparalleled. Their quality control is meticulous, and many thousands of small farmers are highly educated in their agricultural practice --and rewarded -- for top level coffee. Read more.

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    Kenya Gatanga Ibutiti Estate
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    Coffee cherry ripening on an SL shrub in Kiambu region

    Kenya Kiambu Dagitu

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    Visiting one of the farms that hugs the periphery of Mandela Estate, and is operated by the same owner
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    Three disc depulper at Mandela Estate, Kiambu
  5. Kushikumana farmers at a meeting to talk about the buying program in Meru

    Kenya Meru Farmers AB

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    Ruiru-11 cultivar in full production, Kenya

    Kenya Meru Highlands AA

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    Turning the coffee drying on raised beds on a sunny day to help facilitate even drying, Nyeri region

    Kenya Nyeri Aberdare AA

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    Entrance to Gatugi Coffee Factory
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    Heaping piles of coffee cherry waiting for depulping later in the day at an Othaya coffee factory

    Kenya Nyeri Gichichi AA

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    Visting Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society offices

    Kenya Nyeri Ichamama AA

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    Four disc depulper at an Othaya factory during a 2016 trip to Nyeri

    Kenya Nyeri Ichamama AB

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    Looking down one of the washing channels at Kangocho Factory
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    Typical 4-disc depulper at one of the Othaya FCS wet mill factories
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    Kenya Nyeri Thuti-Kiaga Peaberry
  15. Archive
    Mostly empty beds near the end of harvest at one of the Othaya factories/wet mill sites

    Kenya Othaya Gura AA

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