It can be pretty hard during this time of year to find really nice Central American coffees, but we currently have 5 different CA's including a DCF and a new Guatemala offering, Guatemala Finca Florencia Caturra.


It's loaded with floral notes and is a lighter and more delicate coffee than a lot of Gauts.

Like a 3D blacklight Wizard poster

These are some really cool videos that Tom did with his Macro Lens and a UV light where he discusses green coffee quality. Some juicy tidbits and really solid info.

Green Coffee Freshness and Seasonality (a video)

I uploaded a video to youtube about green coffee freshness and seasonality, basically a spontaneous monolgue of random thoughts, while I was roasting a bunch of super-fresh Guatemala samples. It's a "talking head" video, not very exciting, but I hope there are a couple ideas of use there... -Tom