Evolvers: 50s and 100s in New Shrub Bags

When we were putting together the shrub project in the beginning, we had a lot of discussions about packaging, as this would be one thing that made our services useful and unique. Not just the amounts, but the quality of the packaging and its role in protecting the coffee. Over time, we moved away from vac-packing and towards GrainPro. We started offering larger amounts to adapt as our customers grew, while still remaining useful and accessible to smaller customers.

Starting July 1st, we will offer 50lbs boxes and 100lbs bags, packaged in our own GrainPro lined Coffee Shrub bags, and no longer offer 30lb and 60lb packages.

50lb boxes will be shipped UPS, using our excellent rates, or your UPS account if you'd prefer.

100lb bags will have a 400 pound minimum since these bags ship on a pallet. We encourage mixing and matching to fill a pallet and save on freight costs, orders over 1200 lbs will receive a discount. Fifteen bags fit on a single pallet. Any coffees that come to us vacuum packed will still be offered in that packaging.

These packaging sizes make fulfilling and shipping orders more efficient, and address the growing number of Coffee Shrub customers who are looking for full bags and larger amounts in general. The 50lbs offerings will still allow smaller roasters to purchase coffees in a volume that makes sense for them, without being over-extended on inventory. We also think that the shrub bags look pretty awesome and have a lot of re-use potential.

Knowing that there are a number of folks out there who are working with very small scales of production, we would like to encourage you to visit Sweet Maria's if you are looking for quantities smaller than 50lbs, with 20lbs cotton bags available at the mothership. Our aim with all of these adjustments is to expand accessibility and convenience.

The site will come down briefly while we make the change.

Shrub in a boxShrub in a box Shrub 50lb'erShrub 50lb'er Shrub palletizedShrub palletized Shrub 100'sShrub 100's



#1 Evolvers

I welcome this change. The new bags are pretty cool looking, too. I will miss the variety of some of the original bags, though...

#2 These look great

And I'm glad you're sticking with GrainPro.

100lb bags are going to work great for us!

#3 good point

it's a great point that these bags need to handled carefully and that no hooks should be used in moving them.

#4 Shrub Bags

Such type of bags are useful for the organizations which makes small things like sugar,organic material etc but one limitation is that they need to handle careful and no hook allowed.