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Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kochere

A lot that jumped out on the cupping table with unique spicy scents, powdered ginger and cinnamon, sweet floral-laced aromatics, medium-light body, dynamic bright notes, coffee cherry fruit, honey, cane sugar. City to City+ roast is ideal, but the Full City range works too.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade 2
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City roast to Full City. City to City+ is the best, brightest, sweetest cup.
Weight 1 LB
With the new ECX (Ethiopia Coffee Exchange) rules imposed now on Ethiopia coffee exports, all lots (with an exception for FTO cooperative coffees) are made anonymous when they enter the Government warehouse. Which means when we find a great coffee via importers and not direct sourcing (which is now nearly impossible in Ethiopia), we do not know exactly which cooperative or mill this lot is from. We know it is a Yirga Cheffe, a Grade 2 (which means very good preparation but can be ambiguous - see my notes on the grading system), and nobody needs to tell us it is a wet-process coffee. While making lots anonymous has been a setback for us, it doesn't mean great lots suddenly disappeared. The great coffees are still there, we just know less about them. We are sure enough this is a Kochere area lot, and it is an awesome cup.
This lot came in as a standard sample offer but jumped out on the cupping table immediately. The dry grounds have a very sweet floral-laced quality, and a unique gingerbread dough spicy-sweet scent. The wet aroma also has a unique blend of cinnamon and powdered ginger, along with caramelized sugar and a jasmine tea accent. I get some butterscotch noted from the slightly darker roast level (FC-FC+) but much of the floral scent is gone ... I really like this coffee at the lighter end of the roast range. The cup has cane sugar sweetness, and the fruit note of the coffee cherry, clean and ripe. When it has cooled completely the cup is still so sweet and dynamic, with honey and floral flavors. The body is on the light side, with a nice syrupy mouthfeel. It makes a great iced coffee too, provided you don't water it down when icing it.