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Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Grade 1 - Haricha

Another washed lot from Haricha, so much pectin sweetness - sweet lemon meringue, fruit jams, floral peach, apricot, fruit leather - and a pleasant acidic pop. A bodied coffee, and City+ finds the most balance between syrupy sweetness and fruited top notes. City to Full City.
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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Heirloom Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-dried
Arrival date Jan 5 2015
Lot size 13bags/boxes
Bag size 60.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Heirloom Varietals
Grade Grade 1
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ strikes balance between pectin sweetness and fruited top notes, will do well from City to Full City.
Weight 1 LB
This Grade One preparation from Haricha kebele in Yirga Cheffe is a later arrival and just in time to get us through until fresh crop lands in a few months. This lot is from a private washing station in the region. They do a great job with both washed and dry-process coffees, paying close attention to uniformity, implementing hand sorting from the time the coffee cherry is delivery to the station, to when the hulled, green coffee has been milled at their dry mill. There a few washing stations in Haricha, and I guess by default, and coffee grown in the village is considered "Haricha" coffee. But this lot is from the actual Haricha station, which we've visited the last few years now.
Haricha carries a potent fragrance of stone fruits and baking spices, along with an array of sugar browning smells. The wet grounds exude brown sugar and cinnamon, sweet fruits, and a kaffir/floral smell wafts in the steam. City to City+ roasts produce a mixture of ripe apricot and jasmine on the break. In our experience, Ethiopian coffees hold up over time better than most other regions, and this lot of Haricha is a testament to that. The cup has so much pectin sweetness - sweet lemon meringue, fruit jams, ripe berry, and even a bit tropical the closer you edge toward Full City. The complexity builds as the cup cools, and City+ roasts find the most balance of sweetness and top notes, and shows a perfumed floral peach note. There is a nice lemon hint too, which is highlighted by acidic brightness. An exceptional washed Ethiopia this late in the season.