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Ethiopia Organic Wet-Process Koratie

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade 2
Appearance .8 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations C to C+ has the best fruited notes, with a light grainy sweet graham cracker roast taste. A bit darker works, but some of the soaring bright notes are lost. I strongly recommend keeping this roast as light as possible!!!
Weight 1 LB
This is the WET-PROCESS version of the Koratie coffee! Koratie is from a region called Dara in Sidamo, between 1850-2100 meters, and grown by small-holder farmers. It's a new group and we have not worked with them in the past, but their dry-process lot that arrived a month earlier was stellar! So I eagerly awaited this wet-process coffee from Koratie to find out if their quality was a fluke, or something more sustainable. Both lots were part of a quality initiative at the mill. They were given a better coffee price for harvesting only ripe cherry (not green unripes) and the coffee was dried on patio and raised screens. Oddly, I cupped this same coffee at the importer in Amsterdam and told him I wanted it ... maybe he didn't hear because he sold it to someone else (thanks!). So I was a little surprised to be offered it by the person he sold it to ... but that gave me a chance to cup the pre-ship sample (at the same time as the natural dry process sample) and it was fantastic. I guess we were fated to have this coffee in the end. It is so interesting to cup these two processes, dry- and wet-, against each other when they originate with nearly the same coffee cherry. They are so different! There's a lot of variety in the size of the seeds, not something you see so often in the wet-process coffees, and some variation in final roast color. The cup is phenomenally lively and bright! The fragrance from the dry grounds has fresh red berry, citrus, watermelon, floral (pink jasmine) and honey. The wet aroma has lemon balm herbal brightness and sweet creamy honey. In the cup ... wow, this coffee is so effervescent and alive. There's a lemon drop candy brightness (remember Lemonheads?) and lots of flowery flavors, with a honey graham cracker roast sweetness. When warm, the fruits shift to peach juice from perfectly ripe juice. As the cup cools, the brightness, sweetness and fruit of my City roast coalesce into a watermelon candy flavor (think Jolly Rancher but not so artificial). Besides reliving childhood candies in this cup, that floral lemon balm note persists. The body is fairly light, and suits such an alto-range coffee quite well. It's like a light, super-sweet fruit nectar! The aftertaste is (as expected) very clean, very floral, delicate and long-lasting. Be warned, this is a very bright cup, not as sour as some of the citrusy Kenya lots we have, but bright nonetheless! This is definitively a very special lot of Ethiopia in the wet-process tradition, totally distinct from the dry-process Koratie. You'll know when you smell those outrageous scents coming from your grinder just how aromatic this coffee is!