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Ethiopia Organic Guji Sidamo SWP Decaf

A unique Ethiopia decaf, created from a great lot of green coffee. The cup has a rounded sweet honey tone. Light roasts have a graham cracker note, lemon cookie brightness, with a hint of jasmine. Swiss Water process decafs can be tricky to roast light so watch this one carefully. City+ or FC+ as an espresso component.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Grade 2
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ roast is ideal, and results in the most bright and sweet cup. See the notes above about judging roast of an SWP decaf.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
This originated with a really balanced, sweet, wet-processed lot of coffee from the Moredocofe farm in the Guji region. We cupped the green coffee and thought it was really nice, and knew it would be a very flavorful decaf. And the results turned out to be great. One note: This coffee is a bit hard to judge in the roast process, because of the way decafs brown in the roast process (and Swiss Water decafs are maybe the darkest, and most difficult to judge by surface color). The dry fragrance has floral hints, nutty roast tone, and is quite sweet. The wet aroma from the light roast is very sweet, dripping in honey, with a touch of citrus. Darker roasts have a deep caramel sweet scent. The cup has a rounded sweet tone ...again with the honey descriptor. The light roast has a graham cracker note, lemon cookie brightness, and a touch of jasmine. I am really impressed with the body here. It seems to have even more body than the green sample before we sent it to Swiss Water ... is that possible? The finish is mild and cleanly disappearing on the palate. It has really charming character of a clean, wet-process Ethiopia coffee, exactly like it should. I cupped it on a table of non-decaf, wet-process Ethiopia Sidamos and Yirga Cheffe coffees and it held it's own, mark for mark, against the rest (and surpassed a few samples as well!) I think it is at it's zenith in terms of brightness, sweetness, and has maximum "origin character" at City + roast level. So listen carefully to the roast, track the smell, target City+ roast level, and remember that surface color on a SWP decaf can fool you! This is definitely one of the most delicate and sweet decafs we have, but because it is such a spendy coffee before decaffeination, and the SWP method is expensive too, it ends up being a higher-priced decaf. I feel it is really worth it, based on the results here at the cupping table.