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Ethiopia Organic DP Idido Misty Valley

A cornucopia of fruited flavors; strawberry, orange marmalade, dried mango, apricot. Nut to chocolate roast tastes. City+ to Full City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade 1
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ is where you will experience the most here. FC to FC+ develops more chocolate notes, and heavier body, with some loss of the beautiful strawberry flavors.
Weight 1 LB
Idido Misty Valley is the first true high-quality Dry-processed (DP) Yirga Cheffe coffee I ever experienced, carefully prepared, loaded with strawberry and marmalade fruit notes to an almost intoxicating degree. Maybe I can chalk it up to new experiences, but that first year we found Idido Misty Valley (IMV) and offered it at Sweet Maria's, it was unparalelled. Idido is a town in the Gedeo area of Yirga Cheffe. As you know, the tradition in Yirga Cheffe is wet-processing, whereas Harar has a dry-processing tradition. Wet-processing is the method used in Central America and the like, resulting in a green seed with a cleaner cup profile, and less earthy or rustic cup flavors. Dry-processing involves drying the entire coffee cherry in the sun, and later removing the skin, fruity mucilage layer and protective parchment shell that surrounds the green seed ... all in one fell swoop. Excellent dry-processed coffees are difficult to achieve. The milling method for wet-processing allows for separation of ripe and unripe coffee cherry (and other defective seeds) using water and machines. But in dry-processing, sorting out under-ripes is done visually, either by sorting the ripe cherry, or later, sorting the "green" bean. (You probably know from experience with Harar and the like that the dry-processed green bean is in fact yellow, partly because it has more of the silverskin, the chaff, still attached to it). The problem in Ethiopia is this: traditional dry-processed coffee is NOT pre-sorted to include only ripe red coffee cherry and it is sun-dried in a rather haphazard fashion. IMV has changed that. The difference with this lot is night and day; IMV originates with ripe cherry, is uniformaly screen-dried in the sun, and has been dry-milled using the same screen and density-sorting techniques as wet-processed lots. And the result is amazing: it is both a traditional "moka" type coffee flavor (chocolate and fruit) with Yirga Cheffe accents (floral, citrus) and no distracting, overly-earthy notes. Given that, the darker roasts (FC+, Vienna) are surprisingly pungent, with a intense tobacco aromatic, dark chocolate roast taste, and tannic grape skin notes in the background. But it is the City+ roast where the cup has intense sweetness, and liveliness. The dry fragrance is honeyed, with strawberry and cherry fruit notes, and vanilla. Add water and the sweetness becomes sharper, and sweet mango fruit aromas emerge, with floral and citric hints. Cup flavors are like fruit candy, like marmalade, apricot preserves, and strawberry. There are tropical fruits, and sweet orange, and citrus flowers. Unlike light roasts of other dry-processed Ethiopias, there is a noticeable refinement and clarity to the finish of the Idido Misty Valley cup.