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Ethiopia Gr. 1 Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Kochore

Kochore dry process has amazing profile of fruit and chocolate, bold, juicy, and with red punch brightness. Big mouthfeel and flavor, this one does well across a fairly wide roast range. Florals and tropical fruit show up in lightest roasts, shifting toward deeper chocolate and dark berry flavors at Full City. City to Full City+. SO Espresso.
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  • Process Method Dry Process
  • Cultivar Heirloom Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Processing Dry Process (Natural)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-dried
Arrival date Jul 1 2014
Lot size 205bags/boxes
Bag size 46.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Heirloom Varietals
Grade Grade 1
Appearance .8 d/300gr, 14-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations This coffee does extremely well from City to Full City. Taking this toward 2nd crack brings on strong cocoa/roast notes.
Weight 1 LB
This Yirga Cheffe lot comes from a washing station in the Kochore kebele. "Kebele" is a political district south of Yirga Cheffe town and is home to many small farms. Private and cooperative stations abound, and as one of the official designations of the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange, many coffees can be sold as Kochore/Kochere. Our coffee is from one washing station in the district, very close to the main commercial town of Chelelektu. The station buys cherry at about 3 times the going rate, 11 to 15 birr per kg of cherry as opposed to 3 to 5 birr. They are also pulling from some very high altitudes in this catchment area, with many farms above 2000 meters. The coffee is delivered down from these high altitudes to the washing station where it's traditionally wet-processed and laid to dry on raised beds (see pics from the station below). Six years ago, naturals of this caliber just didn't exist. But they use Grade 1 standards now, removing under and overrides, any potential moldy beans, etc, once the coffee is laid out on drying beds. Sorting out any potential "off" beans is such a high priority, and one that results in a cup profile that cups with articulateness, and cleanliness. Oh, and it's worth mentioning for those of you with grid-drum roasters (Behmore, etc), there are some 14 screen beans in here that will fall through the screen. Not impossible to roast, just be aware that there will be a very minor loss on the inside of your roaster.
The dry process lot of Kochore, shows some of the core elements of it's washed counterpart - pectin sweetness, tropical fruits, and even slight florals. the dry fragrance is quite 'loud' coming out of the grinder, raspberry and lychee fruit, honeysuckle, and a strong scent of unrefined sugar. You get a hint of cocoa too at City/City+ roasts, which is expanded on quite a bit once you reach toward Full City. The wet aromatics are phenomenal, crystallized sugar, berry syrups, and sweet pea flower. There is a confectionary quality to the break that smells like blackberry/maple pastry. This cup is a composite of many flavors, and changes so much with temperature. When hot, City roasts have blueberry and herb tea, clear sweetness, and a high % cacao flavor in the finish. Full City is much more centered around rich, dark chocolate, deep sugar browning, and more berry - like blackberry dipped in chocolate. As this coffee cools, so much fruit emerges, ripe peach, lychee, nectarine, guava, and on and on. It's a beautiful cup, and looking at both the green and roasted coffee, the prep is very good - we had 2 quakers in the 200 grams we roasted. It equates to a well articulate profile, and one of the cleaner finishes for dry processed coffees we've tasted this year.