Farm Description

This was a top-scoring dry-processed coffee we selected early in this harvest season, sent to us by a private washing station owner in the region. His group do a very good job of managing the drying process of the cherry deliveries, with intense hand sorting of the fruit on the drying tables. This particular lot of Buufata Konga is in an area of Yirga Cheffe with a range of 1900-2100 meters. Smallholder farmers from around the region delivery their heirloom Ethiopian coffee varietals to the station where it is weighed and then sun dried before being delivered to Addis Ababa. After drying, the coffee is rested and then hulled at the Buufata Konga station, and once again hand sorted as green coffee. Located very close to Yirga Cheffe town, the Konga area is a central hub for coffee in the region. This coffee was prepared to Grade 1 specifications when it was hand sorted (again!) in Addis Ababa before export. While we still have occasional quaker beans in the roast (from under-ripe cherries), these are minimal compared to other super-grade dry-processed coffees.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

The Buufata Konga Dry-Process is both potent, fruit-forward and quite refined as well. The dry fragrance is a cornucopia overflowing with red berry and dried peach, along with tropical fruit scents. Adding hot water, we get peaches and strawberry in the light roast, with intense raw, red honey and a touch of Dutch cocoa. Darker roasts taking on a smell of darker fruit syrups like plum and date. Unlike many naturals we tasted this year (even some other lots from Konga area), the fruits in Buufata Konga aren't over-ripe or vinegary, or "dusty" and unclean in flavor. They are brighter in acidity and freshness than other dry-process coffees we rejected. The cup is top-loaded with fruit notes of peach jam, chocolate-dipped strawberry, and lychee hints, accented by sweet spices cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. It's a well-bodied cup, which carries a sweetness of date sugar and molasses long in the aftertastes. We cupped this coffee at City+ and Full City and it works well at both levels, complex, sweet, and a "clean" cup - especially considering processing method. This is a coffee that will keep the descriptive adjectives rolling!



Lot Size

60 x 60 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ roast will emphasize the clean and sweet fruit notes, but anywhere between City to Full City shows both beauty and intensity.


Dry Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Grade 1; .6 d per 300 grams, 15+ Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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Sorting off the drying tables at Konga

Coffee bagged for resting in the warehouse at Konga

Another shot of the Konga raised beds

The good stuff


#1 Same as last season?

What is the relation between this lot and last season's Konga? Were both of these from the Buufata station? Danke schön.

#2 Hey Tim, that's exactly

Hey Tim, that's exactly right. This is from the same station as the Konga from last year. It looks like our farm notes are easily confused "...hulled at the Buufata Konga Station". This is being used as a regional marker only, not the station name. The station is privately owned, and in this region. Hope that helps! Thanks for reaching out for clarification.