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El Salvador Cup of Excellence - Finca Malacara

Sweet, citrusy and bright, with strawberry, mandarin, and sassafras. City+ to Full City
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 2 d/300gr, 19+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to FC
Weight 1 LB
Malacara is a farm I have admired for their fine Cup of Excellence lots in the past 3 years. And I must admit I like the name a lot: Bad Face. The farm is at 1550 meters near the town of Cant_n La Monta±ita on the Santa Ana volcano. The farm has been in one family, handed down and divided since the early 1900's, and the average age of the trees is 49 years old! the coffee is grown under a shade canopy of trees, mainly made up of Ingas and mountain trees such as cedar, walnut, gravileo and avocado among others. Bourbon coffee is a classic cultivar, named for the island of Bourbon (now called Reunion) where it was originally cultivated. When we call it classic, we mean not just the fact that it is a lower-yield, heirloom plant, and that it has a very dense seed that roasts well, but also the cup character. Bourbon coffees, especially those from El Salvador, are neotypical Central American coffees. They are bright, aromatic, balanced, semisweet or bittersweet, chocolaty and have a creamy mouthfeel. In a competition like Cup of Excellence, these characteristics might seem mundane next to the exotic flavors of the Pacamara cultivar, but Bourbon should be appreciate for more than it's sturdiness, versatility (they make great espresso blend components), and the way they take a wide range of roasts. Each has unique accent notes too. This lot was one of my favorite Bourbon lots in the competition. The dry fragrance has strong nut and toffee roasty scents, but behind that there are soft floral tones, and suggestions of starfruit. The wet aromatics are a little citrusy and spicy with a bit of anise and sassafras. In the cup, the coffee is extremely sweet and bright. I immediately found bright strawberry flavors and sweet mandarin-orange citrus brightness. As it cools, the sweetness become more caramelly, and the sharper notes from the aromatics soften a lot. It has a very clean finish, articulate. It's simply outstanding, high-grown Bourbon coffee, a real flawless gem.